1. Anonymous Operation Last Resort

    The hacker collective known as Anonymous has taken over the website for the U.S. Sentencing Commission and released a video message in response to the death of Aaron Swartz and the issue of disproportionate punishment and sentencing in the United States.

    In addition to the website hack, Anonymous has compiled what it considers damning information on the Justice Department and has spread the information in encrypted files named after the Supreme Court Justices. Anonymous controls the encryption key and has threatened to release the key should there not be sufficient change made in the way the DOJ does business.

    To show that they’re not messing around, Anonymous has planned a series of controlled leaks to various news outlets.

    The contents are various and we won’t ruin the speculation by revealing them. Suffice it to say, everyone has secrets, and some things are not meant to be public. At a regular interval commencing today, we will choose one media outlet and supply them with heavily redacted partial contents of the file. Any media outlets wishing to be eligible for this program must include within their reporting a means of secure communications.

    If Anonymous indeed has what they say they do, then it’s possible that we may just have a real bombshell on our hands.